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About Jesh

Jesh (Insoo) Um is an entrepreneur as well as an investment analyst in Manchester, UK.

엄인수, Jesh Um, CFA, Financial Expert, JCINUS

He previously worked for a venture capital firm, investment banks, and Thomson Reuters in Korea for 18 years.

He has also given lectures in the Korean PWC about finance such as M&A, corporate valuation, and capital raising for corporate clients

He wrote three books in his professional area, ‘The Success Stories of the Global Funds,’ ‘Writing a Business Plan for Successful Capital Raising,’ and ‘The Wise Investment of the Bible.’

He has a certificate of CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), graduated with an MBA degree from Manchester Business School.

Jesh was born a Christian and raised in Korea, and the purpose of his life is to raise Jesus’ name and glorify God.


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