Investment risk means a potential loss of the invested capital. In general, you may have a loss when you do not analyze the targeted asset diligently or when you analyze in the wrong way or when you face some unexpected economic events. In order to protect against an unexpected loss, a wise investor thoroughly conducts risk management by risk analysis and measurement, investment diversification, proper allocation of capital, or hedging with another financial asset.


Risk also exists in our faith, so we must thoroughly manage the risk to prevent it in advance.

We must always remain vigilant to move forward in our race and do God’s will, not to turn aside from the mission or goal given by the Lord. Meanwhile, the risk in our faith is different from risk in the capital market in two aspects. One is that you will surely have a loss if you face an unexpected economic event, no matter how hard you analyze and prepare for it. In the life of faith, however, you can avoid it when you face risk if you follow the word of the Bible.

Another is very serious. The biggest risk in the capital market is losing all you have invested, while the risk in the life of faith is much more serious and fatal because it is directly connected to your current life and your eternal life. Thus, preparation for the risk in our faith must be more thorough than it in the capital market. There is nothing more fearful than God’s wrath in the world.

In part 2, we talked about the blessings from the Lord when we firmly believe in Jesus, pray earnestly, obey His Word, love our neighbor as ourselves, race in our way with perseverance, and glorify God with our lives. The blessing of the Lord is different from the profit gained from the world in its size and dimension. Let’s look at what we must pay attention to in our lives, not to lose the blessing, grace, and eternal life.

What Is Risk?

“However, if you do not obey the LORD your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees I am giving you today, all these curses will come upon you and overtake you. (John 28:15, NIV)”

For Christians, risk is to fall into temptation, sinning, and disobeying the Word of the Lord.

While Jesus was praying hard on the Mount of Olives, he saw his disciples sleeping there. So, Jesus told them to watch and pray so that they would not fall into temptation. It means that it is easy to be tempted if we do not pray all the time. God promised to bless those who obey Him and set them high above all, but He also said He would curse anyone who disobeys His Word. The early part of Deuteronomy 28 deals with the blessings for the obedient, while the latter part covers the curses on the disobedient. Here, disobedience refers to walking into the way of sinners, falling into temptation, standing on the side of the wicked, and going against the Lord’s will, despite knowing His Word.

If you believe in Jesus and repent for what you have done, the merciful Lord will surely forgive you, although you lived in the worldly ways in the past. The apostle Paul had persecuted many Christians before he met Jesus, and he considered it right. However, he realized that it was wrong after he met Jesus, and Paul was renewed when he repented of it. Also, in Luke 23:34, when Jesus was crucified, Jesus prayed to God to forgive the sins of those who were shaken by the crowd and shouted to crucify Jesus. The reason for the forgiveness was that they did not know what they were doing. Therefore, sins committed before believing in Jesus can be forgiven by God through repentance. However, only the judgment of hell will wait for those who reject the gospel till the end and consider the achievement of Jesus worthless.

For Christians, risk means not to do or obey the Word of God while knowing it.

It is insulting to Him to disobey the Lord, even after we believe in Jesus and get salvation and learn who He is and what He says. What parent would be happy after repeatedly advising his or her children not to go to a dangerous place, but the children disobey and continue to go there? That is insulting to the parent who has given good instruction. God said He would curse those who rebel against His Word, and He recorded the examples of those curses in the latter half of Deuteronomy 28. The curses are truly devastating and fearful enough to worry that such things will happen. They are applied not only at the personal level, but also at the national and global levels. There are three categories of them. The first is diseases, the second is the loss of our possessions, and the last one is the most terrible curse—our unsaved soul.

Figure 20. Cost for Disobedience

As for disease, it mentions the painful physical illnesses and the mental illnesses such as extreme stress. It also includes epidemics and previously unknown diseases at the national level. For possessions, it includes little outcome despite much effort, a dry ground full of only dust and sand, losing the wealth accumulated with efforts, financial distress with a high debt, constant external intrusion and defeats, oppression and abuse without any help, hatred for each other due to harsh circumstances, and many others. They are all the indescribable sufferings and curses. While the blessing and grace of the Lord are highly abundant, His curses on man from His wrath are too terrible. Above all, the most severe curse is that He ultimately forsakes them and let them believe in their gods and idols. It means He has already judged them. They will have no eternal life, but only hell. The Lord’s punishment for our sin is necessary for us because it means He still loves us. However, we must never make a situation in which God gives up and forsakes us.

As parents discipline their children, the Lord, who is the eternal Father, disciplines those He loves because He wants us to turn away from sin. So, we must notice His discipline and immediately repent and thank Him for it. However, if we are lazy in reading the Bible and praying, we will become insensitive spiritually and not understand His discipline as the warning. This is the most dangerous situation for Christians. Let’s look at the sins we easily fall into, especially in this age, although we must guard against all the sins God has warned.

From “The Wise Investment of the Bible”