David was a shepherd in his childhood, but he was so wise that he could lead Israel to a victory all the time when he was a king. He showed how he could do it in Psalm 119:98:

“My Lord’s commands make me wiser than my enemies because they are ever with me.”

Why does reading the Bible make us wise? In general, a book contains its author’s intentions and thoughts. If you read a book by a knowledgeable person, you will learn its knowledge. If you read a book about someone’s ideology, you would agree with it. If you read a poem by a poet, you could feel the poet’s heart. If an author delivers erroneous information or incorrect knowledge, the reader will also believe the wrong information and learn the incorrect knowledge. However, the Bible was breathed by God, the Creator of all things. It teaches His knowledge and wisdom, not the that of man. God is immeasurable with man’s wisdom. He knows best what is right and what is wrong. Also, He is merciful, gracious, generous, and at the same time righteous, so He hates the sin and punishes for evil. Therefore, reading the Bible is learning His knowledge and wisdom. Simultaneously, we will love good and hate evil according to His character. The Bible helps us get the discernment. Also, we learn the history of ups and downs of the nations in the Bible, so we can get insight into the events in the current world. God also tells us where to go and what to choose through the Bible.

David always meditated on His Word and gained wisdom and insight. Thus, he confessed that the Lord’s Word was sweeter than honey. He knew that it was much more valuable than any knowledge. The wisdom coming from the Bible shows the way to make good use of our knowledge. Being rich in knowledge is different from applying knowledge correctly. Some well-educated people misuse their knowledge and cause harm to others or promote evil in society. Even if they are knowledgeable, sometimes they only assert their own interests, cause conflict, boast of what they have, and deceive others. Such knowledge leads to arguments, confusion, and division in the world, and often leads many to the wrong way. James 3:15 says that such wisdom does not come from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, of the Devil. However, the wisdom gained from the Bible makes us righteously use what we have. This wisdom comes from the Lord, which always causes a good result, harmony, and peace. Above all, it makes us beneficial to others. The wisdom of the Bible has a good influence on society, leads us to the right way, and helps us play the role of light and salt. This wisdom is different from the world’s, so it is beneficial not only to us but also to others. Therefore, we must put meditation on the Bible as a top priority in our daily schedule. It is the only way to make us live wisely.

From “The Wise Investment of the Bible”