Economics With Dad [EconoDad] is an economics education for children

with a type of storytelling animation, which is planned to teach hard-to-understand economics very easily so children would naturally absorb them.


“David” in “EconoDad” can go to his future through “Biblia” and explore many things. Whenever he gets back to the present, he learns “economics” from his dad step by step and applies them to make his future better.


Through “EconoDad”, Children can learn the concept of saving, interest rates, prices and inflation, time value of money, the functions and roles of companies, stocks, and wise selection for a right investing.


“EconoDad” will ultimately teach children wisdom and application ability to use their talents and resources better and wonderfully for their futures and above all suggest the right values to make a wise choice while they are growing up.




After school, David met Hesus in his room.

Hesus opened ‘Biblia’, and David could go to his future!

Through this adventure, David would finally realize he could pioneer his better future if he learns to invest.

Exciting and interesting storytelling economics!