Let’s redefine investment. Investment is the activity of purchasing assets to gain higher returns in the future with limited resources. There are several things necessary for investing.

The first is resources, which is the most fundamental and indispensable thing for investing. The most common resource is capital.

The second is investment assets. They are what we buy with our resources. This can be divided into real assets and financial assets, and their types vary depending on individual preference and degree of risk to take.

The third is investment period, the time required to earn a return on investment. It can range from a few days to many years or even decades.

The last is investment information. It includes a detailed description of investment assets, expected returns, and risks of target assets; analysis or forecasts of the market; and so forth. The better the information is, the more the investors pay.


Financial institutions usually provide investment information, whereas analysts are responsible for processing and providing investment information. Every analyst has his or her own professional area. Some analysts analyze stocks, some bonds, some real estate, and others raw materials. However, when we look deeper, their areas are more subdivided.

For example, stocks are divided into many fields, such as energy, healthcare, automobiles, steel, finance, transportation, basic materials, consumer goods, IT, and so on. There are too many variables that affect the price or return on investment assets in one sector, and some variables are unpredictable, so it is not easy for a single person to look at multiple areas.


There are many verses in the Bible that provide precious investment information. In particular, the information presented in the Bible is very accurate. Part Ⅰ explained the background about how God has created the economy, the transition of the economic environments, the causes of recessions, and the way of recovery. The reason we can find the evidence for all of them in the Bible is that God is the creator and organizer of the economy.

It also goes for investment because it is also an economic activity coming from the environment of scarce resources. The Lord is also good at investment as the organizer of the economy. For that, we will first look at the basic criteria for selecting investment assets in the capital market and then find how the criteria are applied through the verses in the Bible.



From “The Wise Investment of the Bible”