God was introduced as “the LORD mighty in battle” in Psalm 24:8. The expression is not limited to the days of fighting with swords and shields. It is also applicable at the present, a time of state-of-the-art weapons such as nuclear bombs, high-performance fighters, giant aircraft carriers, and guided missiles.

All those cutting-edge types of equipment are just the outcomes discovered and enhanced by humans from all the things God has created. From the beginning, God knew how all those things would be and what would happen in the future.

God is mighty, not only in war but also in the economy, because He is not only the source of supply but also the Creator of all the elements making up the economy.

It also applies not only to the days when the economy’s output was determined by sun and rain but also to modern times, when people trade stocks and bonds on the Internet, trade gold and crude oil with spot and futures, and deal complex derivatives.

The Lord will also rule over the economy in the future. In the Bible, God made the economy boom to bless His people and deteriorate because of their disobedience. Let’s find several causes in the Bible why God led the economy to recession in those many historical events.


From “The Wise Investment of the Bible”