God saw what they did and accurately penetrated the reason why they were so haughty.

In Genesis 11:6, God said, “They have begun to do this as people speak the same language.”

The Lord judged that their wicked deed would grow bigger if it were not stopped. It was a very accurate diagnosis. People would obviously continue to challenge God like Nimrod built the Tower of Babel if the Lord let them use one language in the world and their every plan was evil and sin was prevalent. Also, they would be in a hurry to make their own evil empire. It was the way to fall and perish, for the same reason Satan wanted to be higher than God.


God’s judgment on them was to “confuse their language so they would not understand each other.” It created many languages among people. Meanwhile, we can find two aspects of God from His judgment.

First, God is merciful. He did not destroy the people who tried to raise their name like God by building the Tower of Babel. He implicitly endured them by using another prescription because the Lord still loved them.

Second, God’s way to prevent them was significantly wise. God said in Genesis 11:7, “Let’s go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

We do not know how God complicated the language of people. However, the Lord does not have to explain the scientific or physical method of it in detail in the Bible. The Bible is for our faith, not for our scientific understanding. The creatures should believe so because the Creator did so. It is important that the languages had become complicated and they could not understand each other, so they stopped building the city and were eventually scattered. Those who tried not to be scattered were eventually scattered. How wonderful and phenomenal His wisdom is.

Now, the world had entered the situation of another dimension. People were scattered and then gathered with those having the same language forming each tribe or nation. A new interest had emerged among the tribes since the jungle law had appeared. It implies that the tribes or nations would need trade, and mutual competition would be likely to cause wars.

Genesis 10 describes how each tribe had been formed. Also, verse 32 recorded that the nations of the world were divided from the descendants of Noah after the great flood. Bartering would have begun as civilization developed, and then people would have felt that they needed a unified currency, since bartering was inconvenient.

Eventually, money would have appeared. Genesis 17:12 introduces money for the first time by saying, “Those bought with money from a foreigner.” Through this expression, we can figure out that money was used to buy or sell something and also traded with foreigners before Abraham’s days. The fact that money had appeared implies that the demand and supply curves of figure 1 may have been formed in the economy.

Now, the new era of full-scale competition had opened, which has established the modern society.


From “The Wise Investment of the Bible”