God said in Genesis 3:19 that they would eat food by the sweat of their brow until they returned to the ground. This implies the beginning of modern economics. While God was a source of supply in Eden, afterward the humans had to supply on their own from the ground, since Adam was driven out of Eden. Moreover, the nature of work had changed. It was no longer a pleasure but a sweaty labor on the brow.


Figure 3. Demand curve from scarcity

Figure 3 shows how the demand and supply curves had been transformed from the ideal economic equilibrium in Eden.

Since then, the food had become the outcome of humans’ hard work, so the supply curve had changed to a relationship between effort and quantity. If you do nothing, you cannot get anything, and you would gain as much as you sweat on your brow. Thus, the supply curve comes from the formula that the quantity is determined by the effort.

Since the age of Adam was a generation of self-sufficiency in which suppliers were consumers, the supply curve was the demand curve.

Eden’s ideal economic equilibrium had been broken because of Adam’s sin, and a new era had arrived, which became the economic base of modern society.


From “The Wise Investment of the Bible”