Genesis 3:17 said that the ground of the earth was cursed because of men. Verse 18 describes the result of the curse in more detail. It said that the ground would produce thorns and thistles, and they would eat the plants of the field, not the fruits in Eden anymore.

Before the ground was cursed, it was filled with vegetables and fruit-bearing trees, but after its curse, thorns and thistles were grown on the ground instead.

The former beauty and fertility had vanished. Fortunately, humans may eat vegetables on the ground because God has left the power on the earth and gives sunlight and rain to grow plants.


However, the previously easy-to-get foods have now become the outcomes of the effort by extracting thorn bushes and thistles and plowing the fields. They cannot be gained if a person does not work and make an effort. Things formerly easy to get anywhere have become scarce.

“The era of scarcity has begun.”

The way to the Garden of Eden was entirely cut off, and the ideal equilibrium of economy was gone. Genesis 3:23–24 states that God banished Adam out of Eden and sent him to the ground where he was created, and the Lord told him to work there to eat. The man could no longer approach Eden or have the intimate fellowship with God like before. Moreover, the man could not eat the fruit of the Tree of Life that gives eternal life. Death came upon humankind because of sin.


The sin of trying to be like God has paradoxically created the disastrous result of losing all: the beautiful paradise, eternal life, the fruits of all the beautiful trees, the joyful work, and even the intimate fellowship with the Creator God.


From “The Wise Investment of the Bible”