Finally, in verse 16, God allowed the man to eat all the fruits of all the trees except the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in Eden. Among the trees that were allowed to the man, there was the Tree of Life, providing eternal life.

In verse 17, God told Adam not to eat the fruit of good and evil, but He did not say not to eat the fruit of the Tree of Life.

Then, humans could have lived eternally in the beautiful paradise, if Adam had obeyed the word of the Lord. It means that there is no death there, even if there is a new birth. Not only was the work the Lord gave in the garden light and pleasant, but also the foods allowed to eat were precious, rich, and varied. It is the logic that is not explained by the modern economic concept that people should pay more for more goods or more valuable ones.


Figure 1 is a graph illustrating the demand curve and supply curve, one of the most basic concepts in modern economics. In the figure, the horizontal axis represents the quantity of a good, and the vertical axis shows its price. In the price and quantity space, the downward-sloping curve is the demand curve, where the lower the price, the more the consumers buy. Conversely, the upward-sloping curve is the supply curve, where the suppliers produce more for bigger profits as the price rises. The economy is in equilibrium at the point where the demand curve and the supply curve meet. In other words, when the price is p and the production is q, there are no leftover goods and no shortage. It is the logic that the modern economics explains, and it is the most appropriate explanation in the present era, where the scarcity of resources exists.


From “The Wise Investment of the Bible”