Lastly, God gave plants and fruits to both humans and animals for food in the beginning. People ate vegetables and fruits, and all the beasts of the land such as lions, leopards, and bears also ate green grass, like sheep and oxen did. The raptors such as eagles, hawks, and owls in the sky were also only permitted to eat plants. Humans did not hunt animals for meat, and all animals ate green plants for food in forests and grasslands. In such an ecosystem, there would not have been any phenomena we see now.

flowers-meadow-wood-forest.jpgFirst, the food chain would not have existed. The complex ecosystem would not have been formed in which carnivores such as lions, tigers, wolves, and bears eat herbivores, and herbivores such as sheep, cattle, horses, deer, and rabbits graze in the fields.

In this case, both carnivores and herbivores would have the same rank in the natural world. Also, it would apply to human beings.

Man would not have had to devise any tools or gadgets to hunt animals. Also, man would not have needed to build farms to grow the livestock for food. In such an environment, the order of the rich would not have been ranked according to who has more livestock on the farm, because everyone gains vegetables and fruits for food everywhere. It means that all would live equally and evenly without the law of the jungle, where the stronger control the weaker.


Second, since the law of the jungle does not exist, the stronger do not have to try to win over the weaker, and the weaker do not have to strive to catch up with or avoid the stronger. In other words, there is no competition, which results in no situation in which someone takes up a lot while another becomes hungry. There is no harm or injury to each other, and only peace exists.

The Bible said that such a country will appear in the future when Jesus comes back.

pexels-photo-819680.jpegAccording to Isaiah 11, when the Messiah—who will come out of the stem of Jesse—reigns, the wolf will play with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the child will carry the lion and the calf, and the infant will touch the snake. It also says that no one will destroy or harm, and the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord. Namely, without the law of the jungle and fierce competition, everyone shall live in peace only with the knowledge of God.


From “The Wise Investment of the Bible”