Second, God created not only various kinds of plants but also gave them each function. According to Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) in the UK, the number of their species is estimated to be around 400,000, although it is hard to figure it out exactly because some plants are endangered, while new ones are still being discovered.

pexels-photo-371589.jpegBesides, in order to know the kind of trees, they had surveyed over five hundred scholarly articles and contacted experts in the world over the past two years. Then they found that there are sixty thousand kinds of trees.

To give these to humans and animals, God created them abundantly and diversely, as even the experts could not accurately estimate the number of their kind.

Why did God create so many different kinds of plants and trees? Maybe people could live with just a few sorts of fruits and vegetables. What did God feel while He was creating them to supply to the humans and animals He would make in two or three days?

It is love.

pexels-photo-139389.jpegGod was looking forward to the humans he would create later, and He already loved them. That is why the Lord diversely distinguished their flavors and nutrients according to each person’s taste, desire, and circumstance.

pexels-photo-726123.jpegMoreover, He made different kinds of plants even for many animals. Jonah 4:11 shows the heart of the Lord that He loves not only men but also animals. When Jonah complained that the Lord did not destroy Nineveh, God answered that He was concerned about its people as well as many cattle. It is because God Himself created them all.


God loves people. He also loves animals. God supplies them diversely and richly.


From “The Wise Investment of the Bible