We have to point out two things. One is that God created everything and made man. It means that nothing was made by man in the beginning. The man just received the authority to govern His creatures. The eternal proprietor is God, who has created all things. People ate the fruits and vegetables God made and lived in houses by building with the materials God created. However, people could not own them forever. It was only possible during their lives. It is the same way now, although the environments of the beginning and the present are different.

A man is a manager, who administers the things God has created only during his life and then goes away with nothing.

pexels-photo-880867.jpegAnother is that God gave humans the authority to rule over the earth and all creatures, which semantically includes an economic right. As mentioned earlier, economy is “all activities that efficiently allocate, produce and consume scarce resources.” According to its definition, God has given humans the power to govern the resources He has created. It means that people can allocate, produce, and consume them. Meanwhile, the resources in the definition of economy are all creations of God. Even though the imbalance of resource allocation has been prevalent throughout the world, in the beginning, God already finished the calculation on all kinds of resources that seven billion people on the earth would use and how they would be operated. That is why we can use everything we use now. Therefore, God is the organizer of the economy, who has created all these circumstances.

However, there is one different thing between the economic states of Genesis 1 and the current time. As we have learned in the definition of economy or economics, we live in the environment of “scarce resources” now, and economics is the study that has been created to manage these scarce resources efficiently.

In the first economic state of Genesis 1, however, there were very few people who used the resources, compared to their amount. From the viewpoint of supply and demand, few buyers could use the resources God had given them. Thus, God commanded man to increase in number and to grow and thrive and to fill the earth, because everything God created was abundant.

people-eiffel-tower-lights-night.jpgAs a result, the number of people has dramatically increased as He commanded in the beginning, and now we are living in the twenty-first century, an era of more than seven billion people. Someone might ask, why do we live in the generation of scarce resources? Did not God consider it in the beginning? The answer is no. God can supply not only seven billion people but also ten times more, even one hundred times more. We will discuss this in more detail soon.


From “The Wise Investment of the Bible