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The Wise Investment of the Bible

To present the right values and the ultimate vision based on the Bible


My goal in writing this book is to present the right values and the ultimate vision based on the Bible to us living in the world, where hedonism and materialism are prevalent.

Sometimes I am also caught in the tide of capitalism and secular culture and live with much anxiety. That is why I first need the right attention. It will be meaningful to deliver the right knowledge about what is important, what is eternal, and what is waiting at the end of our lives for those who forget the valuable and precious things in life.

calculator-calculation-insurance-finance-53621.jpegWhen I worked for financial firms, one of my tasks was to invest in the assets providing the highest present value by predicting and valuing future cash flows. Then, it also became my custom to compare and evaluate more valuable things in our environment in the way of quantitative and qualitative evaluations.

I tried to figure out what was truly important and valuable in our lives every time I read and heard the Word of the Bible. Whenever I did so, I had always reached the same fact: there is nothing more important than making our effort for eternal life with what we have.

books-education-school-literature-51342.jpegIn order to write this book, I took out an investment book first, which was learned in finance, and I made a framework according to its index. Then, I read the Bible and meditated on it to build its content, but the outcome was different from the framework and content that I initially thought.

I believe the Holy Spirit has guided it according to the will of the Lord. From time to time, I was writing the lessons even I could not thoroughly obey; then I decided that I should first try to keep what I would write.

What I felt deeply during writing this is that the Word of the Bible is extremely accurate, meaningful, and significant. I learned that the Bible would have been an enormous book no man could carry if all the backgrounds and meanings of one verse of the Bible had been written in it. That is why it was joyful and valuable to realize even a tiny and minor thing about what the Lord has done.

I wish this book will give the right values and vision to all of us who must fight our spiritual fight, and I sincerely hope everyone who reads this book will be filled with the power, care, and blessings of the Lord.

Thank the Lord God for giving me, who is nothing, inspiration, wisdom, and the experience to write this book.


January 2018

Jesh (Insoo) Um


From “The Wise Investment of the Bible”

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