Investment is the activity of purchasing an asset with our resources, expecting to receive periodic income or value appreciation in the future. The reason to invest is to live better in the future instead of spending now. That is choosing a better tomorrow by refraining from using our property today.

Investment market refers to the market where investors buy or sell investment assets. Since there are so many various assets in the market, investors should carefully think what asset to choose according to their personal preference and circumstance.

Many investment experts strive to analyze and forecast the economy and find a safe and high-yielding asset. From very early in the morning, they check many economic variables such as the stock markets of other countries, the volatility of interest rates and exchange rates, oil market trends, and main issues of the developed countries, in order to figure out the movement of investment markets. Based on their research and recommendation, people struggle to find a suitable investment asset for their better wealth.

Let’s think of one thing. Can you imagine what would happen to us if our wealth were infinite?

It means we do not need to worry about the things we will use tomorrow, no matter how much we use today. If this were so, would we need to invest? Should we use our money and time today to find a good investment asset offering high returns?

It would never be necessary at all. We would never have to invest if there were no limit to what we use. Investment is futile because we have plenty to use tomorrow without investing. Also, the word investment may not be born, or people may not desire to have more for their future.


From “The Wise Investment of the Bible